Drolatic creature similar to a mothSPACEDANDELIONDrolatic creature with birds

An anatomical profile of the human brain A picture of an  Aqua-Terrarium A cat going under a table cloth A picture of a tongue licking a stamp A wooden shelf with several books on it


Any creature in the toy box is linked to it's source;
Aquarium image from The Aquarium, 1895, Vol.IV, Page 6, Hugo Mulertt;
Brain image from The Popular Science Monthly, February 1879, Vol.14, Page 479;
Aquarium image from Letters From a Cat, 1879, Helen Hunt Jackson(Author),Page 54, Addie Ledyard(Illustrator);
Anchor image from The Photgraphic History of The Civil War In Ten Volumes, 1911,Vol.6, Page 285;
Anchor image from American Type Founders Specimen Book & Catalogue, 1923, Page 736;
Drolatic creature on the about page from The Drolatic Dreams od Pantagruel, 1869, Page 37;
Drolatic creatures next to the homepage title are from the same book, Pages 44 and 54
Stamps on the stamp page will be linked to their creators;
Stamps outside the stamp page were made by me;
Background hand is a fragment of an illustration by Walter Crane
Cats on the cat page are from P.F.Magic's game Petz 4;
Gladekeeper seal used in the flight rising section of the toybox comes from this Flight Rising forum post; Cradle image from the MET's site; Rug image from the Auckland War Memorial Museum's site; Lamp image is from the MET's site


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