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An anatomical profile of the human brain A wooden shelf with several books on it A picture of an  Aqua-Terrarium A cat going under a table cloth A picture of a tongue licking a stamp An altar for Diana, the Roman Goddess A picture of a clay plant pot


Any creature in the toy box is linked to it's source;
Aquarium image from The Aquarium, 1895, Vol.IV, Page 6, Hugo Mulertt;
Brain image from The Popular Science Monthly, February 1879, Vol.14, Page 479;
Aquarium image from Letters From a Cat, 1879, Helen Hunt Jackson(Author),Page 54, Addie Ledyard(Illustrator);
Anchor image from The Photgraphic History of The Civil War In Ten Volumes, 1911,Vol.6, Page 285;
Anchor image from American Type Founders Specimen Book & Catalogue, 1923, Page 736;
Drolatic creature on the about page from The Drolatic Dreams od Pantagruel, 1869, Page 37;
Drolatic creatures next to the index page title are from the same book, Pages 44 and 54
Stamps on the stamp page will be linked to their creators;
Stamps outside the stamp page were made by me;
Background hand is a fragment of an illustration by Walter Crane
Cats on the cat page are from P.F.Magic's game Petz 4;
Gladekeeper seal used in the flight rising section of the toybox comes from this Flight Rising forum post; Cradle image from the MET's site; Rug image from the Auckland War Memorial Museum's site; Lamp image is from the MET's site;
Felix the cat walking cycle gif in the felix page made by Tpa2067;
The felix the cat svg used on the felix page was extracted from a wallpaper available fro use in the oficial Felix The Cat website;
The Cat font is by Jaime Vincent;
Image of the Altar For Diana comes from Old and New London, Illustrated, 1873, Vol.1, Page 361, by Walter Thornbury;
The Jane Austen Portrait in my 404 page was traced, not converted, therefore slightly altered, from Mr. Andrews of Maidenhead's 1869 "victorianized" reinterpretation of the 1810 portrait by Cassandra Austen of Jane Austen, I tried to be as faithful as possible since I originally wanted to simply convert it to a monocolored svg but couldn't get a good result because of the technique used in the engraving;
Font used in the web garden header was made by House Of Lime;
Flower Pot image is from the The Whilldin Pottery Co. advertisement in The American Florist, January 26th, 1907, Page 50;
Pointing hand comes from Heur et malheur, by Sabine de Comberousse(Emma d'Erwin), 1890, illustrated by Horace Castelli;


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"Not all those who wander are lost"
J.R.R. Tolkien

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